Pricing at SweatnDance


Cards & Memberships are valid for all of our venues. The valid participation for memberships is meant to be within all venues in a week. (e.g. Basic Membership valid for 1 class in all venues not 5 classes per week)

You´ll find a describtion which class is "mit"(with) or "ohne"(without) Anmeldung (registration) on our website or our class schedule. 

Eine Auflistung aller Kurse welche “mit” oder “ohne” Anmeldung sind findest du auf unserer Webseite oder auf unserem Kursplan (entsprechend markiert). our general terms and conditions apply. 


Our contract have no minimum term and a cancelation period of the time you choose for your membership. cancelation period is always until the end of the month.

Students, apprentices or pensioners will receive a discount of 20% on the normal contract price if a validation was given.